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Meet Our Team

Zoo Management

Senior Leadership at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo


(left to right)

Tony Moore, COO

Larry Killmar, PhD, CZO, SVP, and Zoo Director

Elizabeth Hennig, CFO

  • Ray L Ball
    DVM, MRCVS, Director, Medical Sciences
  • Cheryl Larsen
    VP Operations
  • Jennifer McLachlan
    VP Education
  • David Zimmerman
    VP Creative Services
  • Mark Abel
    Director, Finance
  • Tony LaForgia
    Director, Business Relations
  • Rachel Nelson
    Director, Public Relations
  • Steve Riddle
    Director, Special Events
  • Lee Ann Rottman
    General Curator


The Lowry Park Zoological Society of Tampa, Inc.

Executive Committee

  • Robert C. Rasmussen
  • Dan Honegger
    Vice Chair, Finance Committee, Strategic Vision Committee
  • Heather Jordan-Holmes
    Secretary, Compensation Committee
  • Marylou Bailey
    Treasurer, Chair of Finance Committee, Retired Business Consultant
  • Sean Butler
    Chair of Compensation Committee
  • Sandy Callahan
    Chair of Audit Committee
  • Casey Trezevant Cathey
    Nominating & Governance Committee, Government Affairs Committee
  • Santiago Corrada
    Community Relations & Marketing Committee
  • Laura Farrior
    Nominating & Governance Committee, Community Relations & Marketing Committee
  • Curt Harbsmeier
    Chair of Government Affairs Committee, Compensation Committee
  • Marty Miller
    Chair of Community Relations & Marketing Committee
  • Mike Morris
    Chair of Strategic Vision Committee
  • Robert Thomas
    Chair Emeritus, Finance Committee


  • Michael Babb
    Government Affairs Committee, Strategic Vision Committee
  • Greg Bayor
    City Department Designee, Compensation Committee
  • Commissioner Ken Hagan
    Government Affairs Committee
  • Sally Harris
    Audit Committee
  • Representative Shawn Harrison
    Nominating & Governance Committee
  • Mark House
    Compensation Committee, Government Affairs Committee
  • Hunt James
    Strategic Vision Committee
  • Marty Lanahan
    Strategic Vision Committee
  • Nicole LeBeau
    Nominating & Governance Committee
  • Carl Lindell, Jr.
    Audit Committee
  • Sonya Little
    Mayor Designee, Finance Committee
  • Governor Bob Martinez
    Government Affairs Committee, Strategic Vision Committee
  • John Medaska
    Community Relations & Marketing Committee
  • Stephen Parag
    Community Relations & Marketing Committee
  • Representative Dan Raululerson
  • David Seldin
    Strategic Vision Committee
  • Councilman Mike Suarez
    City Council Designee, Finance Committee
  • Carlton Ward, Jr.
    Strategic Vision Committee
  • Hank Waters
    Audit Committee
  • Todd Wickner
    Audit Committee, Strategic Vision Committee
  • Representative Dana Young
    Nominating & Governance Committee

Lifetime Honorary Members

  • Mrs. Mason Lykes
  • Sally Lowry Baldwin

Endowment Foundation

Tomorrow's Zoo Is Being Secured By Growing Today's Endowment

  • Elizabeth Fowler
  • Bet Snyder
  • Lowry Baldwin
  • Dick Stohler
  • Susan Taylor Lykes

The Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo Endowment Foundation exists to ensure excellence in conservation and education programs, and meaningful recreational experiences with wildlife accessible to everyone.

We also have a community of generous donors who support the endowment by:

  • Contributing an outright gift of cash or securities
  • Making a pledge, typically fulfilled over 1 to 3 years
  • Donating stock or other appreciated property
  • Providing a long-range contribution through a wide variety of estate plans to name a fund
  • Naming Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo in their will, as the beneficiary of life insurance, as part of a trust, or in their Individual Retirement Accounts

For more information, please click here.

New Horizons

Campaign Cabinet

  • Dick Stohler
    Campaign Co-Chair
  • Robert M. Thomas
    Campaign Co-Chair
  • Heather Caswell
  • Curt Harbsmeier
  • Hunt James
  • Bet Snyder
  • Tampa Bay City Pass
  • Association of Zoos and Aquariums
  • affiliate4

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is a globally recognized, accredited zoological society and one of the more popular tourist destinations in Tampa, Florida. We offer over 800,000 annual visitors the chance to learn about more than 1,200 animals in a way that’s exciting, interactive and fun. We also operate one of the world’s foremost breeding programs, helping to save some of our planet’s most threatened species from extinction. In addition to breeding, we are home to Florida’s premier manatee rescue and rehabilitation center, dedicated to the treatment and safe release of one of our state’s most famous resident animal species. Yet with all of this and so much more, we have one simple mission: to connect to the living earth for the protection of future generations of all species, including humans.

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