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Santa Claus is Coming to the Zoo!

Nov 23, 2016

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without ol’ Saint Nick!

Santa's Tree Top Lodge is a secret get away nestled under a hidden tree canopy of the Zoo, completely surrounded by thousands of twinkling lights. Inspired Lake Sharon, this all-new, whimsical setting is made of natural materials including cedar and stone.

While you anxiously wait to meet Kris Kringle, you can take advantage of additional photo opportunities, festive entertainment, a crepe station and holiday drink options! Upon reaching the Tree Top Lodge, you will be escorted by Santa’s playful elves!

Inside Santa’s Lodge, you will be greeted by soft white Christmas lights and beautiful traditional decorations. Santa will be found in his rustic lodge sorting through his most treasured gifts as he prepares for that magical night on Christmas Eve.

Start a new holiday tradition and join Santa in his lodge for the holidays, and capture your memories with photos spent with the “big guy in red.”


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