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Oct 16, 2017

It’s time to shine a spooky spotlight on one of our favorite lengthy reptiles, the eastern indigo snake! The eastern indigo is a black snake that has glossy skin that appears blackish-purple in the light. 

outreach eastern indigo snake onyx scales sep 13 2016

Floridians are some of the most likely to see an eastern indigo as this species is native to Southeast United States. Don’t be nervous! The eastern indigo is by far not the scariest reptile that could cross your path. They are nonvenomous and have a strong role in their ecosystem as one of the few predators of venomous snakes.


Despite their important role in our ecosystem, the eastern indigo is listed as threatened on both federal and the Florida Conservation lists. Eastern indigos can live in a variety of habitats, however habitat loss remains their biggest threat in the wild. TLPZ participates in the Species Survival Plan for eastern indigo snakes in order to preserve this snake for future generations.

outreach eastern indigo snake onyx sep 13 2016 - RESIZED

You have the opportunity to see an eastern Indigo at the Zoo during Creatures of the Night, as they are one of our animal ambassadors!

Slither on friends!


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