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Listen to Frogs


Hop on over to The Harrell Discovery Center and enter a world of frogs and toads. Explore aquariums full of exotic and endangered frog and toad species, and discover the diverse colors, shapes and sounds of our amphibian friends!

Touch & Feed the Stingrays


Stingray Bay is an interactive experience allowing guests to come hand-to-fin with our school of stingrays. Watch these beautiful animals “fly” through the water and be delighted as their slippery bodies brush under your fingertips. Smooth and silky to the touch, the stingrays will come over to the side of their pool so you can touch and feed them. Stingray food may be purchased for $5 each.

Feed the Lorikeets


Full of brightly colored feathered friends, Lorikeet Landing offers a thrilling experience for bird lovers. These birds are not shy. They will fly above your head and land on your shoulders - and if you purchase a nectar cup, they will eat from it as you hold it in your hands. Nectar maybe purchased for $4.

Visit the Petting Zoo


Come face-to-face with a few of our farm animal friends, including goats, llamas, horses and pigs. And don't be shy! You'll have the opportunity to pet, brush and feed our playful pygmy goats.

Walk with the Wallabies


Wallaby Walkabout transports guests to the Australian Outback. A winding path allows guests to 'walk about' where the wallabies and are free to roam - so don't be surprised if they hop on up to say "hello"!

Feed the Giraffes


This is your chance to look the world's tallest animal straight in the eyes. As you stand on the feeding plateau, you'll be almost as tall as our friendly giraffes. You can also feed these hungry vegetarians a bit of lettuce for only $5.

A Zootastic photographer will be present during your encounter and photos are available for purchase near the Zoo's main entrance.

Interact with Giant Tortoises


Meet the ancient giants of Aldabra Atoll. See and touch one of the world’s largest living tortoise species. This interaction allows guests to share the same exhibit space with the animals. Tortoise interaction may be purchased for $10 per person.

A Zootastic photographer will be present during your encounter and photos are available for purchase near the Zoo's main entrance.

Pony Parade


Hay there! Stop horsing around and come check out the ponies as they walk with their keepers through Wallaroo Station. You can see these precious ponies up close and watch how they interact with their keepers.

Goat Presentation


During this presentation we explain the natural and individual history of the goats at the Zoo. Trainers demonstrate positive reinforcement training with 2-3 of our goats from the petting zoo. Guests have the opportunity to interact with the goats after the presentation and follow a trainer while asking the animals to present specific behaviors.

Macaw Flyover

Macaw Flyover

Watch these beautiful, brightly colored birds in flight, as they soar above your head and between strategically placed perches located throughout the Zoo, beginning at the Zoo’s Main Entrance.

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Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is a globally recognized, accredited zoological society and one of the more popular tourist destinations in Tampa, Florida. We offer over 800,000 annual visitors the chance to learn about more than 1,200 animals in a way that’s exciting, interactive and fun. We also operate one of the world’s foremost breeding programs, helping to save some of our planet’s most threatened species from extinction. In addition to breeding, we are home to Florida’s premier manatee rescue and rehabilitation center, dedicated to the treatment and safe release of one of our state’s most famous resident animal species. Yet with all of this and so much more, we have one simple mission: to connect to the living earth for the protection of future generations of all species, including humans.

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